Jess Bale

Sat 2.00-6.00

  • 1½ hr: £65
  • 1 hr: £45
  • ½ hr: £25
  • Children ½ hr: £25

Jess Bale


Craniosacral Therapy can work at a deeper level and can be particularly helpful when problems have been going on a long time or have their roots in incidents from the past. I call it 'Slow Massage' as it gently works at a deep level and helps the body's own healing process where it has become stuck. This could be from physical, emotional or mental issues, or a combination of factors causing difficulties in life.

You stay clothed for the session, only removing shoes and jewellery, and are in a comfortable position for you, often lying, but sometimes sitting or even standing.Your comfort is important, so you are free to change in the ways you need and want.

I have found it useful when working with clients experiencing or wanting change in their lives, for example to support change in family circumstances (for example, new baby, separation, bereavement), during treatment for addiction or to maintain health after recovery from cancer. I would very much like to work with anyone wanting support to make and maintain a life change.

Craniosacral therapy can be very helpful for babies, children and during pregnancy as it is very gentle and can help with issues around birth. I have an interest in children with issues such as feeding and sleeping difficulties, colic, ADHD and other behaviours.

I enjoy meeting new people and helping them find ways to change and improve their health: this is always an individual process as we all have different inheritances and life experiences. Many of my clients come to see me regularly - weekly, monthly, once a year - as they have found what works for them to support and improve their health and general sense of well-being. My own personal development is fundamental to my work and enjoyable in its own right. I enjoy learning about my therapies, my clients and human beings in general.

Therapeutic Massage can be useful for relaxation, reversing the effects of stress and emotional difficulties and easing many kinds of joint pain, back and neck aches and RSIs such as tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.



Therapeutic Massage Diploma 2005 Maitri Foundation
Craniosacral Therapy Diploma 2009 Resonance Trainings
Mothers and Babies Post Graduate Training 2010


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