Annastasia Fraser

Thursday pm

  • First appointment (up to 45 mins): £45
  • Follow-ups: (30 mins): £40

Annastasia Fraser


Do you suffer pain, discomfort or stiffness?

The body is a bit like workers on a factory production line. If some workers have their hands in their pockets, those either side of them will have to work harder and it is the workers carrying this extra workload who eventually exhaust, become ill or have pain. 

In the same way, if one part of your body is not moving well areas either side have to work extra hard and this may accelerate joint wear and tear or give pain or stiffness in these areas. For example, tightness in the pelvis/hip region can cause knee pain and tightness in the area of spine between your shoulder blades can cause pain in your low back, neck or shoulders.

How and who can I help? 

By taking a whole person approach to my case history and examination, I can usually help with pain in the back, neck, hip, knee, foot and ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist as well as sciatica and some headaches.

As an osteopath, I will chose techniques which are suitable to each patient’s needs and comfort levels. I treat all ages, from babies to centenarians and sports enthusiasts to those less active, as well as expectant mothers.

The benefits of osteopathy extend beyond muscle, tendon, ligament and joint pain. In babies osteopathy can, for example, help to reduce the effects of a difficult labour which can give rise to a range of issues. However non-specific advertising rules prevent me from expanding further here.

Please do call me at the clinic on 01453 836066 if you would like free advice on whether osteopathy might be appropriate for you, your baby or your child.

My first career was as a solicitor but I became fascinated by the potential of osteopathy to improve health and reduce pain or discomfort, having suffered for years myself. I retrained gaining distinction in a 5 year degree course in Osteopathy in 2009. Since then I have undertaken extensive post graduate training in cranial osteopathy, paediatric osteopathy and the classical general osteopathic techniques.

What to expect at first treatment

I will take a detailed case history which will include questions about general health and medical history as well as the area of concern.  Please bring a list of any medication you are on with you. I may then request that you change down to your underwear for a postural examination if you are comfortable with this. Please bring shorts or a vest top if you would prefer. I can also provide shorts. You will be asked to perform a series of simple movements and I may take your blood pressure, reflexes or do muscle tests.

I will discuss my findings and thoughts with you and outline a suggested approach to treatment before we proceed. Treatment will vary depending on the individual. Normally between 2-6 treatments will be required to make a positive change.

If at your first appointment I do not feel that osteopathic treatment is appropriate to your complaint there will be no charge for the appointment and I will do what I can to send you in the direction of someone who may be able to help.


Registered Osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council
Bachelor of Osteopathy (with distinction), British School of Osteopathy 2009

Extensive Post Graduate Studies including:

Sutherland Cranial College Courses, including Paediatrics 2010/11
Paediatric Osteopathy, Pregnant Mother/Newborn, Integrated Osteopathic Studies (IOS) 2012
Paediatric Osteopathy, Growth & Development of Toddler, IOS 2012
Paediatric Osteopathy, 3 yrs to Adolescence (including children with asthma and autistic children) 2013
Biodynamic Osteopathy, Biobasics 2016

Current: 10 month practical course on the constitutional approach to general osteopathic treatment (GOT)/classical osteopathy, British Institute of Osteopathy, 2018


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